Lakeside Chiropractic Center focuses on restoration of musculoskeletal and neurological function through the use of gentle effective spinal and extremity treatment methods that do not involve twisting movements of your spine or extremities.

Our goal is to return you to normal as fast as possible at the lowest cost as possible in the most conservative manner appropriate for your complaint(s). We have been practicing in Reno for 27 plus years and treat a wide variety of patients including many world class athletes.

We are a full service center complete with physical therapy modalities, x-ray facilities and have two massage therapists available on site. If you have never explored the benefits of chiropractic care for yourself, the time has never been better. The benefits of chiropractic care include:

More effective training and optimum performance for athletics

Improved neurologic function and increased circulation

Faster recovery from injury with focus on injury prevention

Increased flexibility and mobility

Chiropractors use the same methods as any other practitioner, which includes health history, physical examinations, laboratory analysis and X-ray examinations. In addition, they pay particular attention to the spine, evaluating its structure and performance. Our spine is composed of moveable bones that begin at the base of our skull and end at the center of our hips. Thirty one pairs of spinal nerves extend down the spine from the brain and exit through several openings. Nerves leave the spine to develop an intricate network of communicating fibers, influencing every single living tissue in our body.

Accidents, falls, overexertion, stress and other factors all play a role in displacement of the spinal column. Irritation of the spinal nerve roots, whether chemical or physical, more often than not, is the cause of body tissue and organs malfunctions. By reducing or eliminating this irritation on the spinal nerves, our bodies will be allowed to operate more efficiently, effectively and comfortably, the way they were designed to function.

Health is not just the absence of disease but instead involves the fullest expression of one’s potential. Wellness "is a state of optimal well-being that is oriented toward maximizing an individual's potential. This is a life-long process of moving towards enhancing your physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental well-being."